Band of Outsiders New York Fashion Week 2010 Presentation

Band of Outsiders, in a little variation on the traditional “runway” approach to FW shows, decided instead to have a “presentation.” I have to admit, I really liked it. Instead of having that stuffy feeling where you are stuck in your seat for 20 minutes trying to scribble down notes/snap images, the presentation had a much more organic flow to it. The flow was a lot more natural. Observers were able to confer with one another without feeling like they were interrupting or missing something. From the point of view of a photographer, I have to say it was a lot less stressful than shooting a runway show. Instead of just blasting away on the shutter button for 2o minutes and sorting out the mess later, I was able to actually take my time and plan out my shots. On the flip side of that, there is really no excuse for getting a bad shot at setups like these. I hope that is becomes more common. Click through to Selectism and Highsnobiety for some commentary.

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